03/04/17 – YCS Atlanta Report: Green Grass and Snowy Judgment

It’s 2 AM after YCS Atlanta 2017. I didn’t have a feature match this year (good because I probably would have lost), and I need some form of internet documentation of the event, so here’s a tournament report.


Round 1 – Water

I opened JD, Wyvern (2 in Game 2) and Instant Fusion both games. I did not open a main phase mill during either game. Surprisingly, I was never OTK’d, but I was forced to break Toad boards both games with really questionable hands. I could not.

Score : 0-1

Round 2 – ABC

I scooped Game 1 to a board of Dragon Buster and Infinity, unable to break it.

I should have lost Game 2, but my opponent failed to anticipate and deal with disruption of my own through Snow. I stopped a Utopia the Lightning play through Snow by Booking the Utopia and then used that Snow and a topdecked Wyvern to hit for game with an my own Utopia the Lightning. It was incredibly clutch.

As for Game 3, I ended up successfully sacking with 2 JD for game. My win here came from the fact that my opponent clogged his board and could not successfully tag out his Dragon Buster into his ABCs.

Score: 1-1

Round 3 – Zoo

I feel like I brought this onto myself by posting on Reddit that I hadn’t faced Zoo yet. Either way, I lost Game 1 after bringing my opponent to 50 life points then running out of resources before I could deal any more. Then I lost Game 2 to a Raigeki board clear of what should have otherwise been a pretty strong board. My opponent said his opening hand for Game 2 was actually one of the strongest he had ever seen.

Score: 1-2

Round 4 – Zoo

This match was actually against an online friend of mine that I hadn’t met yet, so that was cool. Games 1 and 3 were standard Zoo shenanigans while Game 2 was standard Grass-into-double-JD shenanigans. Nothing unusual happened this match as far as I can remember.

Score: 1-3

Round 5 – Darklords

My opponent scoops fairly early in Game 1 after drawing a huge amount of cards which he described as dead draws. He opens a lot better Game 2, ending with a Flare Metal Dragon and Hope Harbinger on the field. This would have normally been a board to cause me some measure of difficulty if I couldn’t bait the Harbinger, but I was able to summon Scarlight without the use of any spells and clear his board with that. From there, I dropped a JD that turn and hit him for game.

Score: 2-3

Round 6 – Barrier Statues.

This was not fun. He caught me Game 1 with a heavily boosted Barrier Statue that I couldn’t beat over. Game 2 was better, and I was able to sack with 2 Judgment Dragons for game. As for Game 3 however, he forgot to return the 10 cards he banished for Desires during Game 2 to his deck and had started to play without those cards in his deck. I told him that if this were a higher table, I’d have no choice but to call a judge and he would get a game loss for that mistake. But because I was already planning on dropping after this round, I decided to let him restart the game and ended up scooping when I saw the second Phantom Knight trap equipped to a Fossil Dyna, figuring I could better spend my time at the event elsewhere. True to my word, I ended up dropping after this round, but I’m counting this round as the win it would have been had I intended to continue playing, just to make myself feel a little better :^)

Score: 3-3

Deck Profile

I used an Ultimate Guard Flip n’ Tray to store my deck for the event. My 60+15+15 card deck barely fit, but I’m glad it did because I quite like this deck box.


Lightsworn Monsters

I played quite a few Lightsworns, which is expected given that this deck is basically Snow-Grass-Judgement Sacksworn. Wulf and Felis are amazing, as are Raiden and Lumina. Minerva was actually quite useful as well, despite the relative weakness of level 7 synchros. If I had to make any changes here, I might cut the one Garoth – my one ofs were useful to ensure JD was live, but I felt like I rarely benefit from having all three available given that I play six other names in multiples.

Other Monsters

There’s a reason Snow and Wyvern get spots at the top of this image – they’re arguably the reason this deck works as well as it does. Wyvern has seen play for ages, being especially prevalent in the Dragonsworn era, but Snow makes it even more live and Grass makes it even more accessible. But the real MVP here, and of the deck overall was definitely Snow. It’s such a phenomenal card, and there was a noticeable pattern through the day of my opponents either having a way to keep Snow in check or losing. The Dawn Knight and Garnet last row also needs mention because they create a lot of brick hands, occasionally along with Wyvern. Despite that, I don’t know if I’d make any changes here other than cutting Ghost Ogre for a card that I actually understand how to use.

Spells and Traps

This is a fairly standard spell line-up. Instant and Brilliant Fusion are powerhouses despite leading to some bricky hands from time to time. Not to mention that Grass is an absolutely key card in this deck, giving Lightsworns the main phase milling they need in ridiculous amounts. Foolish is also an extremely powerful utility card here, fetching me either a Wulf, Snow or Wyvern as I needed them. Breakthrough Skill was also useful, giving me a key negate on my turn that let me push JD through for the board wipe.

Extra Deck

I’m very happy with this Extra Deck lineup. You’ll notice some weird techs like Stardust Spark Dragon and Number 101: Silent Honor ARK. Nostalgia did play a role, but both cards have a strong interaction with JD by being able to survive a single board wipe and put at least 2000 damage on board, creating an OTK with 2 Judgment Dragons. It actually comes up quite frequently. I was also surprised to have resolved Black Rose during the event. I also have to mention the power of Diamond Dire Wolf in clearing out back row and Utopia the Lightning for those amazing pushes, which one me a game one time.

Side Deck

I suck at siding. This was probably the worst side deck I’ve ever taken to an event. But at least I remembered to side every game, which is not something I can say about past events.


What’s a trip to an event without spending too much money?

Tellarknight WCQ 2015 Mat

I finally got my hands on a Tellarknights mat, and for quite cheap.

Twilight Dragon Mat Nationals 2009

Wow. I finally own one of these mats, featuring my absolute favourite pair of boss monsters in the game. At an event I carried Lightsworns to no less. This technically rounds out my desire to own at least one mat for each of my forever decks, along with the Tellarknights mat above.

Hallowed Ground Spellgrounds 2016

Traded in my Fern for a Hallowed Grounds. I’m still unsure about how I feel about V4 vs V3 fabric, but I loved the design and colours of this mat at first sight and was able to get one practically for free. I’m very happy with that deal and will be using this as my main mat going forward.


We did pre-registration, so we got the YCS Token (bottom left). There was also a custom token booth at the event, so I had one done of me individually and of my friends and I. Also threw in my Shiki Token for symmetry.

One of the vendor booths had this really cool machine that turned cards into buttons. I ended up having Minerva and Gungnir turned into buttons, and the results look pretty great.

I’ve always wanted a Regionals deck box, but never had the chance to win one. It may not be the green one I’ve always eyed, but this silver one was on sale for a good price and still looks quite nice.


Luck wasn’t on our sides today, but it was still an enjoyable experience. I was pretty pleased with my (main and extra) deck despite the bricks, since that wasn’t consistent with the rest of my testing. My side deck was trash and it shows just how much more room for improvement there is for me as a player. Zoo is cancer because of the kind of shenanigans it allows (Barriers, Strikes, hand traps, etc), but that’s just how the game goes. Now that I actually have a ‘meta’ deck that interests me, hopefully I’ll actually play more and keep up with the game in the coming months as well.

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