05/21/17 – Trinidad and Tobago Nationals Report: The Lightningstrike

I’m back with a report on my second major tournament of the year, a record for me actually. With the turnout we got, my goal to place in the top 64 and win a Cosmic Blazar Dragon mat and a pack of WCQ sleeves did not seem unattainable, but I knew it would still be a challenge given my lack of practice.


Round 1 – Windwitch Invoked

Game 1

I attempt to Foolish a Wulf at the start of my turn and get hit by a DD Crow of all things. Regardless, I am still able to make double Omega [1] and pass. On his turn, he is able to make Crystal Wing and Invoked Purgatrio and is able to hit me for game, since I had paid life points as a cost for cards (probably Trick Clown and Instant Fusion).

Game 2

I open poorly with 5 monsters and am unable to do much other than push for some end phase mills with a Lightsworn normal summon. Opponent sets up a Dank Law on his turn, but misplays by triggering it during my standby phase rather than in response to something I do, allowing me to get over it with a Kaiju. However, it isn’t enough and I get OTK’d on turn 4.

Score: 0 – 1

Round 2 – Gadgets

Game 1

I open Grass [1] and mill two Wulfs. I am able to make double Omega [2] with my resources and I pass. He isn’t able to do anything and passes. On turn 3, I summon JD and OTK him.

Game 2

I open poorly and end with a single Omega. It gets Kaiju’d and I get OTK’d under Limiter Removal.

Game 3

I open Brilliant Fusion and end the board with triple Omega [1]. My opponent is unable to play with so many cards being ripped out of his hand and I win on turn 3.

Score: 1 – 1

Round 3 – Blue Eyes

Game 1

I open Instant Fusion and am able to make triple Omega [2]. Opponent is unable to recover and I win quickly.

Game 2

I go second and attempt to use Instant Fusion, but he responds with Warning and then Swarms me on my turn for the OTK.

Game 3

I open Grass [2], but he chains Maxx C, limiting my options. I decide not to take the challenge (since my best play, triple Omega, would be mitigated by the number of draws he would get off of Maxx C) and end with a Beelze. Unfortunately, it gets Kaiju’d and he goes for the Crystal Wing play. I bait it out on my turn then use my resources effectively to summon Fairy Tale – Snow 3 times [1] and push for game with Utopia the Lightning [1].

Score: 2 – 1

Round 4 – 60-card Infernoid

Game 1

We look at each other’s decks and know that this will be unpleasant. I actually open two copies of Grass here, where it’s useless. He wins the die role and goes first, making a single Omega. Despite that, he doesn’t rip a copy of Grass from my hand and I unable to recover between Omega and his banishing effects.

Game 2

I opened Judgment Dragon, Thunder King Kaiju, Garnet and Soul Charge. I played the game until the end, but I was never able to put more than a normal summon on board, despite blocking his board with the Kaiju at some point.

Score: 2 – 2

Round 5 – No Show

Got some food.

Score: 3 – 2

Round 6 – Dino (non-TK)

Game 1

I start off the match by resolving Grass [3] making triple Omega [3], then my notes skip a few turns until he makes a Tyranno Infinity + UCT play at some point that I shut down through Fairy Tale – Snow [2]. With that, I survive and push with a large board for game. I also noted that the Lost World tokens he gives me weren’t as much as a problem as they could have been because I was able to sync with them and an-unboosted Uni-Zombie to make a level 8.

Game 2

Because my opponent was a really young kid, we actually spend almost 40 minutes on our first game as he reads cards and I explain things. So we go into time pretty quickly this game. He goes first, but misplays because he wasn’t aware of the difference between hard-OPT and soft-OPT.  I start with Grass [4] and make double Omega [3], but am unable to attack because of Uni-Zombie’s restrictions. On his turn he continues and makes Dolka. On my turn I end up baiting his Dolka with both Omegas and then pushing for game with Utopia the Lightning [2].

Score: 4 – 2

Round 7 – The Deck That Shall Not Be Named

Quick note that this game was at table 11, the highest table I’ve ever played at for any event. And at Round 7 no less, it was a nice personal accomplishment for me.

Game 1

Game 2

I figured out that I was playing against Barrier Statues pretty quickly and just accepted my fate as the only out I have (Snow NS) is blocked twice.

Score: 4 – 3

Round 8 – Windwitch Artifact Invoked

Before we start off the game, both me and my opponent share that we are both eager to get the round over with so we can go home before our parents get even more angry at us, given that it was after 11 PM when this round started.

Game 1

He gets the Windwitch combo off turn one and also summons an Invoked Raidjin. I try to push as best as I can, but am unable to out his board.

Game 2

I go first and make triple Omega [4]. He tries to pull off the Windwitch combo again, but I disrupt him with Omega when he reveals to summon the third Windwitch and I manage to hit the revealed Windwitch. From there I maintain my advantage through those 3 Omegas and eventually also make a Beelze, which helps handle his Mechaba since boosting it with Aleister only boosts Beelze as well. Ultimately, I won by summoning Utopia the Lightning and pushing for game with it [3].

Game 3

We are almost in time, so I switch my playstyle to suit that, aiming to minimize how much LP I pay as cost and trying to maximize how much damage I put on board. I believe Grass was resolved here [5?], but I am not sure. I am able to make triple Omega again [5] and maintain advantage. But I am unable to all his pieces and he is able to put a troublesome Mechaba on board. Knowing that I unable to beat over it with Omega once he has a Aleister in hand, I try to use two Omegas to snipe them (he had two in hand) after baiting Mechaba’s negation, but I am unable to hit both. I continue my push uninterrupted and even eventually do the math and summon Utopia the Lightning once again [4] to push for game on turn 4 of 6 in time. Much like my feature match at YCS Atlanta 2016, my heart was racing when this happened, since I had resigned myself to losing this game. But I stuck with it to the end and was able to pull through.

Score: 5 – 3 (Final)


Deck Profile

Pretty standard Lightsworn line-up. Wouldn’t really change much here. You’ll notice that my only changes since YCS Atlanta was cutting a Felis, which I was feel was right since she doesn’t synergize with Grass.
Ooo boy, this engine is amazing. It enables such crazy plays with opening multiple Omegas. Ratios are perfect, nice and compact. Only change would be getting a consistent rarity of Mezuki.
Some questionable choices here. Shaddoll Dragon and Mathematician are both useful, but I am not sure they are the optimal 59th and 60th cards. I also dropped an Eclipse Wyvern because I noticed I was milling a lot of dead Wyverns. Double Garnet is necessary, but unpleasant. If I need to bump another card, the cut will be from here, but I couldn’t definitively say what.
Pretty standard stuff. The top row are some of the strongest spells in the game in my opinion. Absolutely amazing cards, and ones I am (almost) always happy to see. Row 2 is standard Lightsworn enablers, both really powerful cards. The bottom row is alright as well. Soul Charge is a blowout card and Foolish can tech almost anything, while BTS is a great mill and helps shut down those floodgates when they come up. I don’t think I have anything to change here.
The others come up every now and again. Beelze wasn’t as useful as I hoped, but that’s because I never faced True Draco, which is a blessing in and of itself so I don’t mind. Michael and BRD are just standard utility cards and they serve their purposes well enough.
Pretty standard toolbox lineup. Not entirely sure which cards came up, but I know that Lightning was probably my clutch MVP of the day. Castel, Dweller and Dire all have their uses. I don’t think I summoned Emeral, but it’s a very powerful card. Missing is a Bujintei Tuskuyomi that I borrowed for the event and made once.
Name a more iconic duo. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
I’m still terrible at siding, and I didn’t get some cards I was supposed to on the day of the event, hence some questionable choices. Raigeki and Book of Moon went in against some rouge decks and Cyclone and Twin Twister went in against decks that played backrow. Kaijus went in against many decks, notably Invoked. One odd choice here was siding both the full Kaiju engine and the 3 Gameceils, the logic being I could side in either just those 3 or the entire 1+1+2+2 engine.
Here’s a picture of the prize mat featuring Cosmic Blazar Dragon and the prize sleeves I won.
Ixchel Judge Mat
Here’s a picture of the Judge mat for the event featuring Darklord Ixchel. In my opinion, honestly one of the best mats in the game. Would be my pick for rubber mat to use if I ever decide to give up on cloth mats.
Here’s my collection of Fancy Sleeves, featuring two packs of prize sleeves (of a decent color), two packs of Ultra Pro Eclipse sleeves and some custom sleeves featuring an OC of mine printed by Inked Gaming.
Here’s what I carried to the event: my main+extra+side deck along with an assortment of dice in a green Ultimate Guard Flip n’ Tray deckbox, a second prize deckbox containing some extra cards and sleeves, my green hallowedgrounds mat and a field notes to record lifepoints.

Closing Thoughts

Let’s look at that running total I was keeping earlier.

I used/made:

  • Triple Omega 5 times
  • Double Omega 3 times
  • Grass 5 times
  • Utopia the Lightning 4 times

across 17 games.

Making multiple Omegas off of the zombie engine is amazing, and I will miss it a lot once Norden finally dies next month. I’m glad I was able to get those two additional Omegas loaned to me for the event. Also of note was that the hand I got in the first game of round 7 had a 1 in 5 million chance of occurring. It still hurts. My opponent apologized to me in person a few days after the event though, so that’s nice.

Overall, I think it was another strong nationals with an excellent TO and judges who handled the difficulties they faced as best as they could and I’m glad I went.


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