Mal – Plugin System Guidelines

Future me, I presume that you are reading this because you want to add some new functionality to Mal but can’t remember how to do so. If so, don’t worry, current you has your back. Continue reading to jog your memory and inevitably cringe at this hacked together and likely very poorly thought out system. Otherwise, in the unlikely event that you are not me, then I apologize for this mess of a “plugin system” and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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Expletives stormed through my mind as I nearly spat the boiling liquid from my mouth. I was never quite a morning person, so it certainly wasn’t the first time that I found myself absentmindedly drinking my coffee before it had cooled enough. But, at least I was now fully awake. My eyes drifted to the clock, which read just minutes until noon. So much for not being a morning person, I wasn’t even a noon person.

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