How to join Cero-Rebirth, our Minecraft Server.

Most of you may be familiar with joining Minecraft multiplayer servers, but for the newly initiated, here’s a quick tutorial about joining our server.

Open up your Minecraft game as normal.
Click on the Multiplayer button.
Fill out the info as shown above. Note that you can name the server anything you’d like, but the server address must be as shown above.
After saving the sever, simply double click on it to join automatically.
Because our server doesn’t use online mode, we use an authentication system to prevent griefing. Type the command as shown above to register. Use a secure password and keep it confidential!
Once you’ve registered, you need to login with the command shown above. Once logged in, you won’t need to do it again if you quit and rejoin for up to an hour.
That’s it! You’re now a member of our Minecraft server. Remember to play fair and have fun!


If you have any issues, feel free to contact me at

If you get any sort of ‘Unknown Host’ error, useĀ as the server address in step 3. The cause of this issue is unknown and seems to affect only a specific ISP (Blink Broadband) at this time. We apologize for thisĀ inconvenience.

Be sure to check out our forum to discuss things related to the server!

Also, here’s a little bit of trivia about our server:

  • In December 2011, we started our original Minecraft server called ‘Cero’.
  • In January 2012, as a result of a sudden influx of players and havoc in the original map, we started a new map and renamed the server to ‘Cero-Genesis’.
  • In January 2012, Cero-Genesis was closed due to our upcoming CSEC examinations.
  • In June 2012, after our exams, we reopened the server, rebuilt it from the ground up and gave it the appropriate name: ‘Cero-Rebirth’.
  • The server will run until August 20th and possibly even longer if funds are raised to renew the server.

Hope to see you on the server soon!


11 thoughts on “How to join Cero-Rebirth, our Minecraft Server.”

  1. Hey it is Bella yeah can you make it 1.3.1 because i can’t go on anymore!
    it is my fav server please also tell the other people to update to 1.3.1

    1. Hey Bella, its chaosking. With Bukkit for 1.3.1 only just having been released, plugin developers haven’t had the opportunity to update their plugins yet. Without the proper plugins being updated for 1.3.1, we can’t yet update our server. I hope you understand. In the meanwhile, here is a guide to downgrade to 1.2.5:

  2. hey DLReborn here, i just got on this server and the thing said i already had an account wtf?? i used all the passwords i use for things and none of them worked could u delete my account or somthing? have i been hacked?

  3. Chaosking or Anthony can you whitelist me on the server because i wanted to join for 1.3.2 and it says you are not white listed then i saw it was updated for minecraft 1.4.2 and i tried joining but it still says im not white listed

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