Minecraft Server Coming Soon!

As our CSEC exams draw near to their end, we once again attempt to collect funding for our Minecraft Server.

The current list of those who have paid is:

  • chaosking121 – $xxx (will cover whatever isn’t covered by those below.)
  • Guy – $150
  • Anthony – $75
  • LukeR – $60
  • Matthias – $40

As things currently stand, the server is definitely coming soon.

UPDATE: The server is up! Join at minecraft.deviousways.com or see our how to join guide for more info.

My last communication with our hosts confirmed the start date of the server: 20th June 2012.

It is currently unknown if the server will run for 2 months or 10 weeks. We paid up front for 2 months of service, but if things go well we can renew and keep the server up even longer. This website will remain up even after the server goes down so you can always ask here for any new info on the situation. It all depends on how the financial situation looks when we’re ready to pay.

Hope you guys are as excited as I am!

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