Legend of Korra Collage

The inspiration from these pictures comes from Korra’s eyes reminding me of the sea and that I feel like there’s so much more to her than you can see at the surface. ┬áThere isn’t any long story here as to why I made it, but I was rather surprised with the outcome. When I read the captions I can almost feel like they’re her own words and it’s really a surprising feeling. I hope that means it’s good! Download links for the different versions are included below.

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My Thoughts on The Legend of Korra Season 1.

So, The Legend of Korra (henceforth referred to as LoK) is over. Well, to put it simply, I loved it. A lot. Only a few things have managed to capture my attention instantly like Lok, with Skyrim, Doctor Who and The Hunger Games being some of the things that have done so in the past.

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